2013 Gold Monitor Award Winners Recap: Full Slide Deck Archive

by on Mar 10, 2014

Corporate Insight’s 2013 Monitor Awards were released in early February, recognizing financial services firms for2013 Gold Monitor Awards excellence in the online user experience they offer prospects, clients and advisors. Over the past month, we released a series of slide decks highlighting the firms that received Gold Monitor Awards across nine industry segments within financial services.

The slide decks highlight the Gold Monitor Award winning firms in each category and describe why their digital offerings were best in class. Use the links below to view each slide deck:


Promote Your Firm’s 2013 Gold Monitor Awards!
Corporate Insight is happy to assist all Gold Monitor Award winning firms in promoting their honors both internally and to the public. For more information and to see examples of how financial services firms have promoted their Monitor Awards, contact Ben Pousty at 646-454-2662 or bpousty@corporateinsight.com.