A Win for Vanguard: Social Media Engagement Leads to Customer Satisfaction

by on Jun 18, 2015

vanguard_social_squareVanguard takes social media engagement to another level with its “Van” persona and friendly replies to comments on its Facebook page. Corporate Insight recently discovered that the firm even rewards its commenters! While conducting research for our upcoming June 2015 Annuity Monitor Report, we noticed Vanguard was offering an active commenter a free Vanguard t-shirt. A CI rep then enthusiastically joined discussion that subsequently led Vanguard to extend the same offer. The firm’s commitment to customer engagement, as well as its quick social media response time, is quite impressive.

After sending the firm the requisite information through private message, we received an email request to complete a survey ranking the customer service experience with a representative. The email corroborated that Vanguard had confirmed our client status, as we did not provide an email address in the initial Facebook interaction. It is possible that the firm’s interaction with a prospect would have differed. Five business days later, a “Retiree in training” t-shirt arrived in the mail with a handwritten note from “Van” thanking us for our client loyalty.


Vanguard Facebook Comments

This interaction proves that Vanguard goes above and beyond social media engagement expectations by rewarding clients for participation. More firms should follow Vanguard’s lead by not only merely replying to client queries on social media but by fully engaging in the firm-customer experience. As most firms rely on generic responses to client inquiries on Facebook or do not even reply, Vanguard’s enthusiastic customer outreach on social media sets them apart.


Thank You Note and T-Shirt from Vanguard