Alisson Andrade

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services

Alisson Andrade is a Senior Analyst on the Consulting Services team. Previously, she was the head of Corporate Insight’s Annuity Monitor and Life Insurance Monitor services. In 2005, she joined the firm as an intern while studying at Baruch College. After graduating with a BA in Finance and Investments and a minor in Psychology, she joined the company full time as an Analyst on the Bank Monitor and Credit Card Monitor teams. In 2011, Alisson was promoted to the role of Senior Analyst and led the re-launch of Small Business Card Monitor. Her research has been featured in the ABA Banking Journal and she has been quoted in various publications including the Wall Street Journal.

Andrew Way

Senior Analyst, Retirement Plan Monitor and RPM-Institutional

Andrew Way heads the Retirement group at Corporate Insight which consists of the Retirement Plan Monitor and Retirement Plan Monitor – Institutional research services. He has conducted extensive research on the retirement, brokerage and insurance industries during his time at Corporate Insight, examining the online platforms and technological innovations leading firms offer clients, prospects and financial professionals. He has been quoted in numerous financial and retirement publications, including PLANSPONSOR, 401k Wire, Fund Action, Money Management Intelligence and Ignites. Andrew graduated from Binghamton University in 2010 and has been a member of the Corporate Insight team since January of 2011.

Eric Stahler

Analyst, Broker and e-Monitor

Eric Stahler is the Analyst for Corporate Insight’s e-Monitor and Broker Monitor research services, which he joined in November 2014. He has conducted extensive research in the brokerage industry, examining the online platforms, customer service capabilities and innovative technological features that leading firms offer current and prospective clients. In addition, Eric has authored several blog posts on recent startups and innovative trends in the brokerage space, one of which was mentioned by Eric graduated from Temple University in 2013 with a major in History and minor in Business Administration.

Erica Bensoussan

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services

Erica Bensoussan is a Senior Analyst on the Consulting Services team. She joined the firm in 2001 as a Monitor team analyst tracking the bank and brokerage industries. As a member of the Consulting Services team, Erica has managed numerous custom research projects across a wide range of topics including account opening, online security, financial wellness, automated phone systems, ATM design and more. She has also led Corporate Insight’s Audit benchmarking engagements for clients in the retirement and banking industries. Erica holds a B.A. in Communications and Commerce from the University of Pennsylvania.

Erika Fazekas

Senior Analyst, Advisor Monitor and Mutual Fund Monitor

Erika Fazekas is the Senior Analyst and head of Corporate Insight’s Advisor Monitor and Mutual Fund Monitor research services. She has performed extensive research on the asset management industry, with close attention being given to reviewing online platforms that cater to both investors and financial professionals. Each month she contributes to the Thought Leadership Insights blog series that captures leading economic issues. Erika has a passion for usability and design theory, and uses this framework as a lens in much of her research.

She received her M.A in Counseling from Montclair State University in 2014 and opted to pursue a career in research, ultimately starting her tenure at Corporate Insight shortly thereafter.

Javonni Judd

Senior Research Associate, Banking and Credit Card Monitor

Javonni Judd is a Senior Research Associate on the Banking and Credit Card Monitor research services. She conducts research on the retail banking and credit card industries, examining the digital platforms, products landscape, customer service capabilities, social media marketing and financial wellness tools offered to prospects, customers and financial professionals. Javonni graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy and has been a member of the Bank Monitor and Credit Card Monitor teams since 2014.

Johanna Hife

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services

Johanna Hife is a Senior Analyst on the Consulting Services team. She has managed custom research projects on marketing collateral best practices, document management capabilities, account aggregation services and financial products for people with disabilities. She also led the development of Audits for the asset management and healthcare industries. She currently manages our Digital Health Trends & Insights reports series, as well as our Consulting Insights newsletter, and has contributed to our Next-Generation Investing 2015 study and Brokerage Website and Mobile Brokerage Audit services. Johanna joined the firm in June 2015, shortly after earning her M.S. in Global Affairs from NYU.


Lauren Roncevic

Senior Analyst, Property & Casualty Insurance Monitor

Lauren Roncevic is a Senior Analyst for Corporate Insight’s Property & Casualty Insurance Monitor service. She has performed extensive research on the P&C insurance user experience for both prospects and clients.  Lauren has written a variety of reports examining topics such as policy servicing, bill pay, quote tools, claims and more. She is currently researching the telematics services offered by leading auto insurers.

Lauren graduated from The George Washington University in 2010 and joined Corporate Insight in 2011, where she began her career with the Annuity and Life Insurance Monitor teams which focuses on the online capabilities providers offer prospects, clients and financial advisors.

Matthew Eschmann

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services and Mobile Monitor

Matthew Eschmann is a Senior Analyst on Corporate Insight’s Consulting Services team and lead analyst on Mobile Monitor. He joined the firm in 2011 as a member of the Bank/Credit Card Monitor team and published research on such topics as online account applications, co-branded airline credit cards and online dispute tools. In March of 2013, Matthew joined the Consulting Services team where he began researching the impact of Millennials on the financial services industry. He was one of the lead authors of the April 2014 study The Millennial Shift: Financial Services and the Digital Generation. His research has been cited in such publications as American Banker, Bloomberg and MarketWatch.

In addition to his focus on Millennials, Matthew is one of the firm’s leading user researchers and has ran usability tests for banks, insurers and brokerages firms. He has also participated in a variety of projects on such topics as gamification in the brokerage industry, trend analysis, online and mobile alerts, private site security and Spanish-language site offerings.

Sean McDermott

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services

Sean McDermott leads Corporate Insight’s research on financial technology (fintech) companies, monitoring dozens of investment- and personal finance-related startups. He was the primary author of the firm’s most recent study on this topic, Next-Generation Investing 2015: Digital Advice Matures, and his analysis has been quoted by Barron’s, NPR, Bloomberg, InvestmentNews and several other industry publications. In addition to his fintech research, Sean was one of the lead authors of the April 2014 study The Millennial Shift: Financial Services and the Digital Generation and the May 2015 study The Changing Face of Financial Advice: 2015 and Beyond. Sean has also led custom engagements for several of the firm’s clients on such topics as emerging financial services industry trends, mobile finance, gamification, and innovative user authentication and security techniques. Sean holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Lafayette College.

Silviya Simeonova

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services

Silviya Simeonova is a Consulting Services Senior Analyst and leads Corporate Insight’s quantitative research, managing the survey work that helps inform much of the firm’s proprietary research and special studies. She has co-authored multiple reports investigating the preferences of retirement plan participants, investors and financial advisors, including The Changing Face of Financial Advice: 2015 and Beyond. She has been quoted in such publications as Investment News, The Washington Post and Financial Advisor. Silviya also manages Corporate Insight’s active trader-focused research, helping clients gain a deep understanding of the active trader landscape in terms of platform capabilities and overall customer experience.

Silviya graduated from Bowdoin College in 2011 with a double major in Mathematics and Economics. She joined Corporate Insight’s team in 2012.

Michelle Ammirati

Analyst, Small Business Card Monitor and Healthcare Monitor

Michelle Ammirati currently leads the research for Small Business Card Monitor products and she is a main contributor to Healthcare Monitor. Previously, Michelle worked on Bank and Credit Card products, as well as Alumni Monitor. In addition to her core responsibilities, Michelle contributed to the Trends & Highlights blog series and created the bi-annual Credit Card Product Update.