Active vs. Passive Investment Management Marketing Practices Whitepaper

by on Mar 31, 2014

The issue of active versus passive management is a activepassivesocial perennial debate for asset managers and investors. The recent growth of interest in indexed strategies highlights that investors are more concerned than ever about keeping costs low, and thus, many are turning to index funds to avoid management fees. While the efficient-market debate is unlikely to be settled any time soon, we here at Corporate Insight are interested in how asset managers promote their different services.

In this white paper, we examine how three firms – American Funds, MFS and Vanguard – promote their services in the active and passive management spheres. The whitepaper compares the firms’ marketing strengths and weaknesses and places a special emphasis on online thought leadership, examining the value, volume and website placement of the pieces the firms produce.

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Active vs. Passive Investment Management Marketing Practices from Corporate Insight


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