Ad Campaigns in Defense of Active Management

by on Jun 07, 2017

An expanding ETF market, post-2008 skittishness, an uncertain interest rate environment and lower costs are some key factors influencing the popularization of passive investing. Although passive investing is currently experiencing a wave of popularity, American Funds and OppenheimerFunds are going against the tide of opinion and championing the superiority of active strategies in their latest advertising campaigns.

American Funds’s Gooder campaign describes that the firm’s U.S. Focused Growth Funds series beat the S&P 500 index over 95% of the time from January 1, 1997 through December 31, 2016. The campaign uses this achievement to promote the Target Date Fund series. The campaign features a video, chart and graph to support the statistic. The campaign appears on American Funds’s advisor- and investor-facing websites and Twitter.


American Funds Gooder Campaign Tweet and Video

OppenheimerFunds’s Challenge the Index is a full-scale branding campaign that complements the firm’s renowned Invest in a Beautiful World promotion. Challenge the Index promotes OppenheimerFunds’s International Growth, International Bond and Emerging Markets Local Bond Strategies and Revenue Weighted ETFs with a core message supporting active and Smart Beta strategies. The campaign includes commentaries, vibrant commercials, a YouTube video series and a robust interactive website.

OppenheimerFunds Challenge the Index Site

 In the social space, the campaign appears on the firm’s Twitter and Facebook pages using a #ChallengeTheIndex hashtag. OppenheimerFunds even commissioned an interactive window installation on Wall Street in New York to engage prospects. The essence of the campaign encourages individuals to make investment decisions based on their own research and investing needs and not on stereotypical perceptions that media or other sources perpetuate.

OppenheimerFunds Challenge the Index Tweet