April 2014: Introducing John Hancock Investments

This Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Report offers a comprehensive analysis of the John Hancock Investments advisor site. The site presents an extensive lineup of content areas that should be familiar to advisors or to frequent site visitors. This report offers a detailed analysis of the following site features:

  • Homepage Content & Customization
  • Main Menu & Navigation
  • Site Search
  • Products & Performance Information
  • Commentary Resources
  • College Planning Materials & Tools
  • Advisor Resources for Practice Management
  • Retirement & Tax Planning Tools
  • Literature System

John Hancock’s advisor site is adequate, but could stand to be significantly improved. For example, navigation is confusing and often leads users to incorrect site areas. The site design is not particularly engaging or innovative; some pages and features appear to be missing, and the user experience can be arduous. We consistently experienced very slow load times across all site areas during the weeks spent compiling the report.


The site does, however, have its share of strengths. The homepage features a helpful array of tools, such as an easy-to-use watchlist feature, a Find A Fund browser with predictive search capabilities and short, abstract versions of the site’s extensive Hypotheticals exercises. Users can also customize the homepage to suit their needs by either adding or removing a wide range of informational sections. John Hancock also presents a well-organized and user friendly Mutual Funds section – a key component to any asset management site. Finally, the firm’s commentary resources are of above average quality, and the Insights section also benefits from relatively simple and unobtrusive navigation, with few exceptions.

Despite the often mixed quality of its content, the site does offer a relatively high volume of resources spanning traditional advisor-focused areas, such as college planning, practice management and client service. The site’s tools, in particular, are quite diverse and range from simple savings calculators to daunting, complex portfolio simulators that help advisors understand clients’ needs, pitch relevant products and build business. These kinds of tools appear most often in the College Planning and Advisor Resources main menu tabs.

This report provides an in-depth review of these and many other site features, allowing readers to familiarize themselves with John Hancock’s online offerings.