August 2017 – Homepages Report

As the public face of a website, homepages set the tone for the rest of the advisor site experience and play a critical role in highlighting the products, services, intellectual capital and investing values that set a firm apart from its competitors. In this month’s Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Report, we review the advisor homepages of all 20 firms in our coverage group, noting design, elements of personalization and promotions. Our last review of homepages was in April 2015.

Since our last review, advisor homepages employ fewer image carousels and more frequently use responsive design and long-scroll layouts. Half of all homepages promote funds in dedicated sections that link to corresponding product pages. Thirty percent of homepages present advisors with their wholesaler’s contact information, and 25% display personal watch lists for monitoring fund performance. Select firms stand out with unique homepage resources that help advisors compare and analyze funds. John Hancock’s homepage includes a one-of-a-kind fund comparison tool, and Putnam’s homepage integrates access to its FundVisualizer tool.