August 2018 – Advisor Digital Communication Management: Staying Up to Date with Alerts

Content updates and subscriptions keep advisors apprised of company news, upcoming events, product changes and the latest market insights. Alerts supply busy professionals with news on matters of critical importance, such as new products or suspicious client activity, and content-related alerts boost the visibility of a firm’s intellectual capital, which can foster a stronger sense of familiarity with the firm for advisors. This Asset Management Monitor – Advisor Report reviews the self-directed subscription systems firms offer advisors for managing email notifications, noting any improvements made to these systems since our first review of the topic in June 2016.

This year, our review analyzes 16 Asset Management Monitor – Advisor coverage group firms, though only 14 met requirements for comparative grading. Many firms centrally locate all subscriptions in a dedicated page within the Profile section of the site, accessible from a direct header link. Almost all of the firms include subscription descriptions, but only a few offer sample emails. Several firms allow advisors to update their email addresses or choose the frequency of subscription delivery, two valuable customization features. Most firms send notifications for commentary, events and general firm news, but only a few provide client activity alerts. Leaders in this report offer a wide selection of subscription types, covering product-specific updates, new document availability, client activity, market insights and general company correspondence.

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