December 2013: Advisor Blogs

The December Advisor Monitor examines blogs maintained by asset managers for financial advisors. This report focuses on 10 mutual fund firms and the blogs they maintain. Our analysis centers on the following qualities:

  • Accessibility
  • Features
  • Content

Blogs we examined are generally well-designed and offer similar functionality. Of the 10 firms that currently maintain blogs, five received As for offering top tier blogs, with two hosting one unified blog. Three firms also all offer very strong blogs and received Bs in this month’s report. One firm received a C, and one was not graded as its blog fell outside of the financial advisor focus of this report. 


Firms frequently provide homepage links and icons in the static headers of their sites, allowing advisors to quickly access resources. Some firms go as far as to include dedicated images advertising their blogs. Others host a dedicated link in the static header to view the blog.


Features to help advisors use and navigate posts tend to be similar. All firms offer social sharing capabilities, with Facebook being the most commonly included site for sharing. Ninety percent offer an icon for direct sharing on Twitter, and 90% also provide LinkedIn icons. Additionally, 90% of blogs allow advisors to subscribe to RSS or email feeds of updates.


Financial blogs offered by asset managers tend to have a general focus and address a broad selection of current market and investing topics. Ninety percent of firms offer a blog with a general focus, while 30% of sites provide focused blogs addressing a single topic. Additionally, only two firms provide blogs branded as the insights of one expert.

We identify several best practices in this report. Top firms give blogs a clear focus and build upon their pre-existing brand expertise. Additionally, leaders in this report provide blogs that offer information explicitly for advisors, like business building tips, and discuss their own investment products.


We uncovered the following key findings in our analysis:

  • 90% have a blog focusing on general investing topics
  • 30% provide blogs focused on one topic
  • 30% blog about practice management
  • 50% provide discussions of technology use in a practice
  • 20% of blogs are branded as the insights of one expert
  • 100% of blogs promote sharing on Facebook
  • 90% of blogs have links for sharing on Twitter
  • 90% of blogs feature a LinkedIn icon
  • 50% discuss their products on their blogs