February 2014: Seminar Resources

The February 2014 Advisor Monitor examines seminar materials provided by asset managers for financial advisors. This report focuses on 17 mutual fund firms and the presentation resources they offer. Our analysis centers on the following qualities:

  • Accessibility & Description
  • Quality & Content
  • Supporting Resources

Seminar resources are generally informational and include good supporting resources. Five firms in this month’s report earned a grade of A, including Hartford Funds, MFS, Putnam, Lord Abbett and Franklin Templeton. Six firms received a B and three received Cs. Two firms, Eaton Vance and iShares, were included in the report but not graded due to a low volume of materials.


Firms offer presentation materials as PDFs and PowerPoint slides, with 71% providing presentations in either format, and 41% offering slides in both formats. Top firms offer materials in both formats, leaving the decision to advisors to choose which format suits them best. Fifty-nine percent of firms in this report include scripts for presentations.


A variety of supporting collateral resources are included alongside presentations. Template invitations are offered by 59% of firms, and 59% host relevant flyers and brochures alongside presentations for advisors to hand out during seminars. Twenty-nine percent of asset managers offer worksheets and questionnaires for seminar attendees to fill out.


This report identifies several best practices in hosting seminar resources. Top firms ensure that presentation materials are attractive, and leaders provide them as both PDF and PowerPoint slides. Additionally, the best firms in this report offer tips for how to host and conduct a seminar, as well as providing related collateral documents for advisors to share with attendees.


We uncovered the following key findings in our analysis:

  • 53% of firms host a centralized seminar outlet
  • 71% offer PDF presentations
  • 71% provide PowerPoints
  • 41% offer both file formats
  • 59% provide scripts
  • 35% include planning checklists
  • 59% pair brochures with presentations
  • 29% offer seminar evaluation forms
  • 77% provide retirement seminars