February 2016 – Introducing: Vanguard

This Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Report offers a comprehensive analysis of the Vanguard advisor site. The site presents an extensive lineup of content areas that should be familiar to advisors or to frequent site visitors. This report offers a detailed analysis of the following site features:

  • Homepage Content & Customization
  • Main Menu & Navigation
  • Login Process
  • Investment Products
  • Tools
  • Advisor Resources
  • Literature System
  • Research & Commentary

Vanguard’s advisor homepage is strong in terms of accessibility to products and commentary promotions. The homepage includes a predictive search field for products as well as a fund screener with category filters and rollover capabilities that allow advisors to browse products by fund name and asset class. Additionally, the homepage includes a Research & Commentary section that promotes the latest articles and the firm’s thought leaders. Another strong suit for the firm is its detailed product pages, which use an assortment of interactive charts, tables and text to provide a full analysis of a fund.