January 2017 – Multimedia on Advisor Sites

In addition to making otherwise-static websites more engaging, the presence of multimedia leads visitors to spend longer on a site, according to Forbes. Well-produced videos, audio and webinars can help advisors learn critical information more quickly than reading alone by providing visualizations and clear explanations of nuanced topics, such as the implications of the Brexit or ways to adjust to new fiduciary standards. This report provides a summary of coverage group firms’ multimedia resources, specifically videos, on-demand webinars and audio content.

All 20 firms covered by Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor provide multimedia content on their advisor-facing websites. Videos are most commonly offered, followed by on-demand webinars and audio, and are often placed in dedicated sections or presented in embedded players to highlight a page’s concepts. Leading firms present webinar replays through interactive players rather than simple films to more fully engage advisors. In the audio realm, half of firms provide conference call recordings, and three firms notably offer branded podcasts, an upward-trending multimedia form. Top firms provide useful context for multimedia resources, such as by assigning intuitive titles, specifying the time it takes to consume the content and summarizing key points in a blurb or bulleted list.