July 2019 – Quarterly Market Insight

The asset management industry is undergoing a major transformation as a result of technological advances, regulatory developments, price compression and shifting investor preferences. Firms struggle to gain the attention of new clients and stand apart from the competition. Compelling and unique thought leadership can differentiate firms in the marketplace and increase user engagement. Generating quality content can build trust in a brand and attract more clients. According to the results of our 2019 Advisor Survey, 58% of advisors consider the ability to access commentary and thought leadership pieces on the website to be “extremely important.” The percentages change by demographics, as 79% of Millennial advisors consider each resource to be “very important” or “extremely important.” Firms release commentary through articles, blog posts, videos or podcasts. Often, asset management firms put out quarterly insights on the markets, economy and investing updates. This Asset Management Monitor – Advisor Report covers quarterly publications, such as articles, guides or slide decks. We review the findability, breadth of content and selection of formats. This is our first time reviewing this topic.

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