June 2016 – Emails and Alerts

Subscriptions for content updates are an important tool for keeping advisors in the loop with information surrounding upcoming events, new sales materials and fund news. Alerts can supply busy professionals with news on matters of critical importance, such as a new product or suspicious client activity, and content-related alerts inherently improve the visibility of a firm’s intellectual capital, which can foster stronger sense of familiarity for advisors. This Mutual Fund Monitor—Advisor report reviews the self-directed subscription systems firms offer advisors for managing email notifications.

Our review analyzes all 20 coverage group firms, though only 17 companies met requirements for comparative grading. Top firms supply advisors with easy-to-find email management pages that allot the advisor the opportunity to customize preferences regarding frequency of notifications. Firms that include descriptions for subscriptions and email update options ranked higher in our analysis. Additionally, firms that let advisors individually select funds for which they would like to receive alerts, rather than supplying generic updates for all funds inclusively, were graded more favorably. Our report reveals that only a small portion of firms provide advisors with client activity alerts, whereas notifications for commentary, events and general firm news were the most common subscription options offered by companies.