June 2017 – Fund Performance Tables

Researching investment products is a key driver of website traffic that often begins through fund performance tables, which provide a centralized overview of all available options. This Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Report compares fund performance tables across coverage group websites, drawing comparisons and highlighting best practices and themes. We graded performance tables based on findability, breadth of information, readability, design and ancillary features, such as printing capability or the option to download data as an Excel file.

Our report includes analysis on every coverage group firm except Federated, which does not offer a fund performance table. Firms most frequently provide access to fund performance tables through links in main menu dropdowns. To facilitate better readability, most tables feature sortable columns, and a little more than half provide rollover highlighting and static first rows. Leading performance tables integrate access to other fund research resources on the site, such as watch lists or comparison tools. J.P. Morgan offers the most unique performance table, including historical performance graphs and customizable data columns.