March 2013: Teaching Advisors to Rollover

This month’s Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Monitor examines IRA rollover resources.  We evaluated client-ready materials such as brochures and flyers, as well as advisor-only business building materials.  We looked for an accessible and well-rounded approach to both forms of deliverables – allowing advisors to be prepared with appropriate material, as well as the right talking points.Our research found many strong rollover marketing pieces, but only a small number of firms that offer a truly well-rounded approach to client-ready materials and advisor-only business building resources. Accordingly, three As were awarded to three firms, while seven firms received Bs, and three received Cs.
While we found many strong resources in our analysis, with 82% of the MFM-A coverage group providing relevant rollover resources, finding these materials was not always simple. Currently, 36% provide access to rollover resources directly from the main menu, while half of firms offer links from the primary retirement overview page. Only 21% of firms currently have promotions on their websites for rollovers.
We found a mix of rollover deliverables, with arguably the most valuable in the form of client-ready PowerPoint presentations – offered by 43% of advisor firms; of those firms, 66% also include advisor scripts with talking points. Brochures are by far the most common deliverable, offered by 71% of firms, while flyers were developed by half of firms.
The firms that scored highest in our assessment are those with the best mix of rollover resources, rendering their advisors most prepared to meet client needs and have engaging discussions with prospects. One such firm offers quality brochures, flyers, scripted PowerPoint presentations that touch on issues regarding retirees and job changers; the firm also offers one of the few prospecting postcards to help in direct mail marketing efforts.