March 2014: Social Business Building

The March 2014 Advisor Monitor examines technology-focused practice management resources offered by asset managers for financial advisors. This report focuses on 12 Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor firms. Our analysis centers on the following qualities:

  • Accessibility
  • Topics
  • Formatting

Following up on research conducted in September 2012, we re-examined technology tech tips provided for advisors. At that time, only eight firms discussed technology, while today the number has increased by 50% to 12 firms. While most efforts remain at a beginning level, some firms offer strong resources focused on social media and technology use. Three firms received As by providing above-average materials that addressed a variety of topics. Five firms in our group received
Bs for their materials. Four firms received Cs.


Social media remains the most popular technology topic discussed by asset managers. Ninety-two percent of firms discuss social media in general. Most firms (75%) offer explanations on how to use LinkedIn. Facebook was discussed by 58% of firms, and 50% of asset managers explain how advisors can use Twitter.


The use of mobile devices and tablets was less commonly discussed by asset managers in this report. Seventeen percent of asset managers explain using mobile phones, and 25% of sites explain tablet use, such as how to use the iPad. One third of firms provides web design tips for advisors.


Video presentations are relatively rare and only 17% of firms offer their technology advice in streaming formats. Seventy-five percent of sites offer explanations as
PDFs. One firm provides a PDF presentation for advisors.


We uncovered the following key findings in our analysis:

  • Ninety two percent discuss social media.
  • Seventy five percent explain LinkedIn.
  • Fifty eight percent discuss Facebook.
  • Fifty percent of firms explain Twitter.
  • Thirty three percent offer web design tips.
  • Seventeen percent employ videos.
  • Seventy five percent provide resources as PDFs