March 2017 – Advisor Site Profiles

Advisor websites require financial professionals to create a profile upon registration. Profiles centralize account holders’ personal information and often provide advisors with the opportunity to create customizable lists to track their favorite materials and funds. Profiles also give advisors the option to manage their email and alert preferences. Personal data derived from profiles can provide firms with rich demographic information about their user base, which they can use to create more targeted content. This report identifies themes and best practices among advisor profile features and offerings, and draws comparisons across our coverage group.

All 20 of the firms that Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor covers provide an advisor profile; BlackRock and iShares profiles are identical and therefore appear in a single detailed finding in this report. The most common navigation for profile access is through a link in the static header. The option to manage preferences for emails and alerts is a feature that 75% of profiles incorporate. Several profiles surprisingly do not offer the option to reset login credentials, which is typically a standard capability. The ability to store favorite items such as PDFs, presentations and white papers is a feature that many firms offer. A portion of profiles feature wholesaler information, and several even include ways to message sales team professionals directly.