May 2017 – Practice Management Resources

Advisors face many challenges in managing their investment practices. From how best to leverage social media to finding new clients, advisors must grapple with topics that go well beyond the performance of client portfolios. Professionals often rely on fund firms to supply content to help them address these challenges. Prospecting tips, professional development insights, investor-approved resources, research white papers and timely commentaries can all be invaluable when seeking guidance. This Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Report analyzes practice management resources by evaluating the scope of topics firms cover, findability and organization, and quality and quantity of materials available.

Leading firms centralize and clearly label practice management materials, offer information through a wide scope of formats and address timely topics. Each firm defines what constitutes as practice management materials differently, with some providing actionable tips for prospecting and client retention, and others focusing on professional development advice or portfolio construction strategies. Resources for building relationships with clients and retirement planning are the most frequent materials. Educational PDFs, white papers, PowerPoint/PDF presentations and videos are the most common formats for practice management content. Unique findings include continuing education webinar replays, customizable document builders, interactive self-assessments and podcasts.