November 2013: Practice Management Resources

The November Mutual Fund MonitorAdvisor Monitor Report examines practice management resources. This report focused on 18 asset management sites and the resources they provide for advisors looking to build business. Our analysis centered on the following qualities:

  • Accessibility & Organization
  • Deliverables & Resources
  • Quality & Timeliness

Most firms provide excellent practice management resources. Five firms exceeded the competition and received As by providing materials that are easy to locate and by addressing a variety of topics. Eight firms were awarded Bs for providing good resources that were not quite as strong as the leaders. Five firms received Cs.


Practice management resources are generally easy to access. Forty-four percent of sites offer a devoted main menu tab for business building resources. Most firms opt to provide direct access to practice management materials through their main menu flyouts. To help advisors navigate materials, many asset managers provide sections for specific business building topics.


Asset managers offer a variety of deliverables for advisors. The most frequently offered resources are PDF brochures and flyers, which are typically shared with clients in conducting sales. Industry leaders provide materials for in-house shop keeping, and these include PowerPoint presentations, videos and articles. Commonly addressed topics include technology use, referrals and explaining an advisor’s value.


Most firms regularly update their resources with new additions and updates. Top firms provide publication dates that let advisors know if resources are new and give them a reason to view recent publications.


We identify several best practices in this report. Top firms provide up-to-date and well-designed materials for in-house shop keeping. Additionally, leaders address timely, topical economic issues and explain the use of emerging technologies to advisors.


We uncovered the following key findings in our analysis:

  • 44% have a main menu tab for practice management.
  • 94% provide access to resources from their flyout menus.
  • 77% offer resources on client segmentations.
  • 50% provide discussions of technology use in a practice.
  • 77% discuss garnering referrals.
  • 56% address explaining fees/advisor value.
  • 83% of firms offer client-oriented seminars.
  • 72% of sites provide financial-professional-oriented presentations.