November 2016 – Fixed Income Resources

Fixed income is ideal for risk-averse investors who are seeking diversification to counterbalance equities in a multi-asset portfolio. Individuals who are in or nearing retirement and want a guaranteed way to produce a stable flow of income often turn to fixed income as a solution as well. Firms in our coverage group offer unique views on fixed income, often tracking how key influencers such as interest rates and inflation affect investor decisions. This report seeks to highlight the timeliest content available on fixed income, covering material published between January 2015 to October 2016. Firms were assigned grades based on the breadth and depth of resources to help advisors stay in tune with pertinent developments in the fixed income market.

Our review examines 19 of our 20 coverage group firms, with Eaton Vance excluded for offering no substantial content. We found that firms use HTML articles, PDFs and commentaries as their primary outlets for discussing topics surrounding fixed income. Thirty-six percent of firms release recurring monthly or quarterly articles to update advisors on fixed income trends. Fidelity offers an analyzer that helps advisors track how market shifts influence the bond market, while iShares offers a tool that lets them create a hypothetical portfolio using ETF bonds. In terms of multimedia content, 73% of firms offer videos while other mediums such as webcasts and audio are less common.