October 2019 – Fund Profile Pages

Fund product pages allow financial advisors to stay abreast of fund strategies, performance and risk data, expense details and benefits, thereby helping them sell products and manage client portfolios more effectively. According to our 2018 Financial Advisor Survey, detailed fund information is important to all age groups, with 84% of Millennials, 73% of Gen Xers and 80% of Boomers+ assigning top-two box importance to the category. Additionally, 54% of all advisors viewed or downloaded fund profiles in the past 12 months, making it the most popular website activity by a significant margin. As a result, firms need to keep this aspect of their sites detailed and up to date if they want to keep advisors engaged. This Asset Management Monitor – Advisor Report assesses the fund profile pages of 18 of the firms in our coverage set, a topic we last reviewed in March 2018.

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