September 2013: Introducing: Hartford Funds

The September Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor Monitor Report walks through the Hartford Funds advisor site. Hartford Funds is the 19 addition to Corporate Insight’s coverage group, and the site offers many familiar features to visitors of asset management sites. This report offers a detailed guide to the following site features:

  • Login
  • Homepage
  • Ubiquitous Site Features
  • Main Menu
  • Products
  • Thought Leadership
  • College Savings Resources
  • Literature
  • Site Search

Visitors to the site will be comforted by familiar features, including a main menu with rollover-enabled flyouts, commentaries on economic issues and homepage images. The firm also stands apart from the pack for several reasons. Hartford Funds provides a clear focus on 529 College Savings plans, and the company is partnered with West Virginia and Connecticut to administer state-based plans. To help 529 advisors, Hartford Funds’ site includes a devoted main menu tab that provides access to college savings resources, including pricing and performance data, along with college savings calculators.


The firm also includes a strong focus on practice management, hosting a Masters of Advice Institute section on the site where financial advisors can access seminar resources and brochures for their client-oriented and in-house presentations. Additionally, the firm is partnered with the MIT AgeLab, allowing Hartford Funds to gain access to the institute’s research on longevity and aging. Topics addressed in the firm’s practice management materials include the role of anxiety in investing, women’s finances and client segmenting.


Hartford Funds’ site provides one of the strongest search functions in our coverage group. The search bar suggests likely queries after typing four letters, and results can be sorted and filtered by categories. The firm also stands out for seamlessly integrating the literature order system into the results page, allowing brochures and flyers to be added to the advisor’s cart directly from the returns list.


This report provides an in-depth analysis of these and other site features, allowing users to familiarize themselves with online offerings from Hartford Funds.