Allstate Spreads March Madness on Twitter

by on Mar 16, 2012

altAcross the country, the tipoff of the 2012 NCAA College Basketball Tournament has caused a massive drop off in work productivity. Allstate’s latest March Madness-themed Twitter promotion certainly isn’t helping the employers’ cause.

On the official Allstate Insurance Twitter profile, the staff generally keeps busy responding to mentions and complaints from other Twitter users. This sort of activity usually constitutes about 5-10 tweets per day. For the last couple days, though, they have been scouring the social network not only for tweets about their own brand, but also for users tweeting about March Madness.

As a corporate sponsor of the tournament, Allstate is giving away 5,000 codes offering free access to the NCAA March Madness Live app. The app itself is free, but it costs $3.99 to stream games live. On Twitter, Allstate has been pro-actively responding to Twitter users who post about the tournament to make them aware of the deal. Since yesterday, Allstate has reached out to at least 70 Twitter users with tweets such as the following:


Closing Thoughts
Clearly, Allstate sees this giveaway as a chance to boost its number of Twitter followers. As the above tweets show, some users must follow @Allstate in order to receive the code via direct message (DM). Allstate already boasts one of the largest Twitter followings in the insurance industry, at over 26,000. Although the gains from this campaign may only modestly add to that total, Allstate deserves credit for finding creative ways to engage their Twitter audience.