Ameriprise Awarded for the 3-Minute Retirement Check

by on Jun 03, 2015

confidentretirementcheckRecently, Ameriprise won the Best Financial Services Website of 2015 as part of The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards developed by the Web Marketing Association. The IAC Awards recognize the best online advertising across a number of industries and online channels. The firm received the award for its 3-Minute Confident Retirement Check, a multi-faceted retirement tool that both promotes the firm’s successes and encourages retirement readiness.

The tool is based on Ameriprise’s trademarked Confident Retirement approach, which involves building a retirement plan with an advisor that covers four main areas: Covering Essentials, Ensuring Lifestyle, Preparing for the Unexpected, and Leaving a Legacy. The firm presents these in a hierarchical system, indicating that the essentials must be covered before moving onto the other areas.

The 3-Minute Confident Retirement check, currently promoted throughout the Ameriprise public site, launches as a sitelet. The Check profiles user retirement readiness, indicating where they stand compared to others and their individual goals. After a brief overview, users answer sixteen questions. In addition to nine yes or no questions, five questions incorporate a slider to indicate investor confidence regarding a specific topic and two emotion-based questions provide multiple answers to choose from such as “Which words describe how you feel about your retirement?” which offers eight options to choose from: Happy, Worried, Optimistic, Anxious, Depressed, Sad, Hopeful, and Empowered.


3-Minute Confident Retirement check – Question 2

The Results page pictures the pyramid separated into triangular sections for each question, with bolded sections indicating the user is retirement ready in that specific area. Selecting a triangle displays the question and the user’s response to the left of the page along with a statistic about Ameriprise clients who have gone through the Confident Retirement approach with an Ameriprise advisor, illustrating the successes Ameriprise clients have had in working with an advisor through the Confident Retirement approach.


3-Minute Confident Retirement check – Results

The results page allows users to contact an advisor, as well as invite others to take the quiz by email or by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Overall, the tool deftly combines promotional and educational content in a visually appealing and easy to use manner, encouraging clients to think about the specifics of retirement readiness.