Amerprise Uses LinkedIn to Enhance Advisor Searches

by on Apr 17, 2012

altLast November, Ameriprise Financial incorporated LinkedIn’s professional network to its Find an Advisor search tool on the public site. In addition to being able to search for advisors by geographic location or by an advisor’s name, prospective clients may now login to their personal LinkedIn profiles and determine whether they share pre-existing connections with Ameriprise advisors. If so, Ameriprise provides contact information for the connected advisor. While many firms offer advisor search tools, Ameriprise is the only E-Monitor firm to offer LinkedIn integration.

Social Media Integration
Given the number of people with personal profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it makes sense for firms to integrate social media platforms within their websites. By encouraging users to utilize their own social media accounts—as opposed to creating additional profiles on site-specific social networks—firms like Ameriprise can cultivate more natural user experiences for their clients.

Closing Thoughts
By tapping into established social networks, Ameriprise is able to offer more personalized service to prospective clients than many of its competitors. Prospects would likely prefer to work with an advisor connected with someone they trust than with an advisor they know nothing about. Likewise, since a growing number of investors are managing their personal finances online instead of in-person, less new business will stem from branch visits. Therefore, firms like Ameriprise will need to find meaningful ways to engage prospects online. LinkedIn is a strong step in that direction.