American Express Makes Credit Card Rewards Social

by on Jan 23, 2012

altAt Corporate Insight, we’ve been tracking social media in the financial services industry since 2008. Most of the firms we cover have already made headway into this powerful service and communications channel; however, we’re always on the lookout for new and creative uses of social media.

American Express has been a consistent leader and innovator in the social media space. Continuing on this trend, AmEx has integrated Facebook and Twitter with its credit card rewards redemptions. We recently redeemed some points on our American Express Membership Rewards account, and were surprised to see distinctive Facebook and Twitter icons below the confirmation:


Membership Rewards encourages clients and makes it easy to spread the word about their redemptions. These tools work like standard “Share” features, offering a link and simple message (and on Facebook, a thumbnail image) that can be posted, added to or edited. In a few clicks, clients can blast an update out to their friends and followers.


Final Thoughts
We thought this was a smart way for AmEx to get its brand into the conversations on these social networks. It’s easier to get people excited about free electronics from their credit card, for example, than about a bonus APR. The technology is already common across the Web, making it a proven, nearly-effortless option for consumers.