Animated Illustrations Engage Prospects in Prudential’s Interactive Life Insurance Video

by on Nov 15, 2016


Life insurance firms can attract an audience with appealing designs and interactive elements. By promoting their products and services at the end of an animated tool, firms can reach prospects who may not be interested in traditional resources. Life insurance firms, in particular, have the opportunity to engage prospects with illustrated resources, such as needs estimators and quote tools, employing bright colors and animations to enhance questions. Prudential’s Let’s Talk about Life video and Transamerica’s Take the Lead tool stand out as examples of this trend.

Prudential effectively animates a number of its life insurance-related tools, making it a leader in the Life Insurance Monitor coverage group. The firm’s newest resource is an interactive video that engages prospects in a virtual conversation through options reminiscent of a choose-your-own-adventure book. Fictional advisor Sam greets prospects for a cheerful chat about death, asking their thoughts on family and the future. Prospects answer the animated advisor’s questions by selecting from a list of possible answers, each of which prompts a customized response from Sam. Colorful images and interactive responses enliven the video, brightening a potentially distressing topic. With a conversational structure, the video simulates a real-life talk with an advisor, addressing specific concerns and providing personalized recommendations. The video emphasizes the importance of speaking with a financial professional and ends with an option to request to be contacted by one.


Prudential Let’s Talk about Life Video

Prudential’s video joins other animated resources that recommend life insurance products and services. Transamerica’s Take the Lead tool guides prospects through a cartoon racecourse as they customize an avatar and answer questions about their active lifestyles. A winners’ podium at the end of the course promotes products tailored to their needs, including life insurance. Similarly, Prudential illustrates its Life Insurance Needs Estimator with characters and icons and links to the Find a Financial Professional tool on the results page. By promoting financial services at the end of the game, firms empower prospects to act on what they’ve learned in an animated tool.


Transamerica Take the Lead Results Page

Both traditional and animated resources are valuable ways to educate prospects about life insurance. Compare needs calculators and quote tools across the industry with Life Insurance Monitor’s recent reports, which include recommendations for improving resources. For detailed analyses of gamified financial products, read the Millennials Revisited: Financial Services and the Digital Generation study and The Innovation Advantage report.