Annuity Monitor Awards: Nationwide, Voya and Principal Lead Pre-Login Advisor Information

by on Jan 09, 2018

Access to advisor-focused information about annuities has traditionally required login to secure sites, but firms increasingly choose to provide some annuity details publicly for advisors. Following significant growth in the past three years, 13 out of the 19 firms in the Annuity Monitor coverage group now provide advisor-focused materials without requiring an account. The breadth of material available varies widely based on internal goals: some firms simply provide a high-level overview of content available post-login, while others offer detailed product descriptions, tools and marketing materials.

The 2017 Annuity Monitor Awards Report recognizes this trend with the inaugural inclusion of the Publicly Accessible Advisor Information category, which highlights the most comprehensive materials available pre-login with gold, silver and bronze medals. By reducing barriers to access and expanding their audiences, Nationwide, Voya and Principal earn medals for noteworthy tools and a commendable breadth of product details. The three medalists exemplify the options available for firms considering publishing more advisor-focused information publicly.

Nationwide provides a rich library of product information, tools and sales materials before login, earning it the gold medal. The firm’s product pages stand out for combining detailed product descriptions with colorful infographics, which communicate information about complex contracts in a format that is both accessible and thorough. Additionally, noteworthy tools illustrate rider features and generate subaccount comparisons while sales and marketing materials help advisors connect with clients. The firm’s combination of tools, product details and marketing resources is unmatched by competitors in the Annuity Monitor coverage group, establishing it as a model for the variety of advisor-focused information available pre-login.

Nationwide Spousal Protection Quick Quote Tool

Voya earns a silver medal for its valuable pre-login training resources and tools on advisor-focused microsites; it is the only firm in the Annuity Monitor coverage group to offer product training and illustrations before login. Brainshark presentations and training courses qualify advisors to sell annuities, and the illustration tool offers unmatched access to the same illustration capabilities available post-login. A product comparison tool and the option to order hard copies of materials further expand the options available to advisors without registering with the firm.

Voya Illustration Tool

Principal makes much of its advisor site available pre-login, earning it a bronze medal for providing access to forms and comprehensive product pages. Marketing materials include preapproved social media posts, and a document locator tool loads annuity-specific forms and resources. The firm excels by dedicating pages to tax reform and the DOL fiduciary rule, offering easy access to information about current events.

Principal Document Locator Tool

The extent of publicly accessible advisor information varies widely, but these three firms are at the forefront of the industry. Detailed analyses of these resources are included in the 2017 Annuity Monitor Awards Report, which also contains awards for the following categories: Public Site Homepages and Navigation, Public Site Educational Materials, Client Account Information, Client Documents and Advisor Site DOL Fiduciary Rule Resources.

To access a free slide deck highlighting the gold medal winners in all six categories, click here.