Annuity Monitor Introduces USAA

by on Sep 20, 2016


In the newest addition to our Annuity Monitor coverage group, Corporate Insight welcomes USAA, which provides banking, credit cards, insurance and annuities to about 11.4 million members. While USAA’s annuity products are available for any prospect, the firm’s historic dedication to serving members of the U.S. military is reflected in its online strength: online services are particularly valuable to clients stationed far from a USAA office. With a straightforward online application process, well-crafted mobile tools and a customizable private site, the firm’s website demonstrates that strong online capabilities benefit not only military members abroad, but also clients within the U.S.

USAA offers three annuities—two deferred fixed annuities and a SPIA—with direct access to the online application for logged-in clients from each of its product pages. The seven-step application process includes an optional suitability survey that guides clients in determining whether the product will benefit them, and the firm displays definitions for financial terms throughout the application.


Annuity Application – Beneficiary Information

For a detailed and integrated view of all their financial holdings, the USAA private site homepage provides clients with an unmatched level of customization. Adjustable tiles display an extensive amount of information and allow clients to choose what they view immediately upon login, including information from accounts at firms beyond USAA. With the option to add or delete tiles, the firm provides access to tools, information and advice that can shift based on changing client needs.


Annuity Information on USAA Private Site Homepage

The USAA mobile app provides additional client support, with an automated assistant Help feature and quick product explanations. Clients can view the same account information available on a desktop and can explore the USAA Member Community and product pages within the app. By highlighting key account information, the mobile app provides clients with an accessible summary of their financial status even if they’re far from home.


USAA Mobile App

USAA’s strong online support for clients and unmatched customization options display a commitment to worldwide accessibility and make it a valuable addition to the Annuity Monitor coverage group. For an in-depth look at USAA’s site, read the August 2016 Introducing USAA Annuity Monitor Report.