April 2016 – Private Site Homepages and Navigation

The private site homepage sets the tone for customers’ online account servicing experiences. Firms should therefore welcome clients with an intuitively designed homepage that includes pertinent at-a-glance account information, access to transactions, contact information and account management capabilities in an organized layout. This Annuity Monitor Report analyzes the private site homepages and navigation systems of our 18 coverage group firms.

All firms’ private homepages effectively provide clients with basic annuity account details, including contract number and account value. These pages differ, however, in their approaches to presenting this information. Structure varies, with some offering a portal to additional account information and others operating as the account overview page. Firms’ approaches to homepage design affect the breadth of details available; leading firms go beyond the basics, providing illustrations of investment allocations, interactive components and customization options. Since Annuity Monitor last examined this topic in 2014, most firms have updated their offerings to incorporate responsive design and improve navigation.