August 2013: Annuity Video Resources

In this Annuity Monitor Report, we review the annuity-focused and retirement-themed video resources offered on the public websites of 10 Annuity Monitor coverage firms. Specifically, the report focuses on the accessibility, video interface design and content portrayed in the videos within the public site, with video content as the most heavily weighted criterion.

The following three key criteria are taken into consideration for this report:

  • How easy is it to access the video resources from the public homepage?
  • How well do they incorporate Video Interface Design, clarity, audio capabilities and segmentation?
  • Are a variety of topics covered in the video?
  • How do the details and length of the video, and the clarity of the speaker affect the overall quality of the video?
  • Are visual features, such as animations, charts, graphs etc., utilized to aid the speaker?

Overall, firms are doing a subpar job of providing rich video resources that educate public users on retirement and annuity topics. Only 10 of the 18 firms within the
Annuity Monitor coverage group offer retirement or annuity videos on their public sites. Firms that do feature these resources, however, do a good job overall of offering informative and well-designed video resources. Half of the firms in this report earned a grade of at least A-, with three earning the top score of A.


Eight firms offer access to their video offerings through a main menu tab or submenu. Every firm that offers a video dedicated to a specific annuity policy provides access to the video from either an annuities overview page or from the appropriate product page. Basic controls on video platforms, such as play/pause, a progress meter, volume adjust and time display are provided by every firm, however, additional advanced controls greatly vary.


The content and quality of the videos provided are generally strong. Exactly 70% of firms provide an annuity-focused video, and half feature a video dedicated to a specific annuity product. General retirement-themed videos are provided by six Annuity Monitor firms, and two offer a general financial education video. Additionally, 60% of the firms effectively utilize graphs, charts, animations and graphics within their video resources to supplement the speaker in demonstrating key retirement concepts and product details.


Additional key findings include:

  • 70% of firms feature an exclusive videos page on their public sites.
  • Two firms utilize sharing capabilities directly on their video platforms.
  • Three firms feature closed captioning capabilities.
  • 40% of the firms enable users to adjust the visual quality of the videos.
  • Two firms provide annuity product type-focused videos.
  • 20% provide a video that features an interview with a firm executive or other industry expert.