December 2017 – 2017 Annuity Monitor Awards

Corporate Insight is pleased to introduce the results of our 11th annual Annuity Monitor Awards Report. We benchmark the annuity industry across six critical categories, awarding gold, silver and bronze medals in each based on how firms meet our criteria.

As in past years, the gold medal is reserved for exceptionally valuable services. The silver medal rewards features with similar value that lack some of the outstanding attributes and functions of the best offerings. The bronze medal recognizes firms with a strong or unique service that do not meet the highest standards in the respective category.

Our analysis focuses only on specific attributes and does not attempt to rate the overall quality of the sites or apps that we review. Excellence in select areas may earn firms some distinction in this report, but readers should keep in mind that medals are awarded for highly focused, individual categories and are not intended as general endorsements. In the table below, we outline our 12 medal-winning Annuity Monitor firms out of the 19 firms in our coverage group.