February 2016 – Public Site Annuity Education

This month’s Annuity Monitor Report assesses educational content focused on annuities within the public websites of firms in our coverage group. The report examines general information about annuities including details on benefits, features, product types and annuities’ role in retirement. We examined educational resources based on the following criteria:

  • Location of annuity education
  • Depth of annuity education content
  • Collection of annuity education materials

Five firms (out of 18) stand out for offering a wealth of annuity education content covering compelling topics surrounding the role of annuities in retirement. Of these firms, four present annuity information in whitepapers, case studies or brochures. All five firms provide their resources in prominent areas of the site, including in the annuities section.

All 18 firms address how annuities function, and all but one discuss the benefits and features of various annuity products. Currently, topics relating to fees, tax information and annuities’ role in retirement are discussed by 44%, 56% and 83% of firms, respectively. Notably, firms also provide suggestions on what prospects should consider before purchasing annuities (67%).

While some firms present educational content in more appealing and engaging manner like FAQs, articles, infographics, case studies, few (22%) offer this content in multimedia. Videos make it easier for prospects to decipher annuity intricacies with animations, charts or round-table discussions while other material formats like case studies help prospects understand how annuities function in specific scenarios.

Additional key findings include:

  • Currently, 22% of firms attempt to debunk annuity myths
  • A few firms, 22%, discuss annuity topics in articles and videos
  • Fifty-six percent of firms discuss the advantages of owning annuities