February 2017 – Multimedia Education

Given the intricacies involved in explaining annuity products, videos present an ideal platform for annuity education and product marketing. Providing this key multimedia resource allows firms to enhance online education with an engaging look at annuities and general retirement planning, as well as an in-depth examination of specific products, riders and features. Annuity Monitor firms effectively use videos to explain the role of annuities in retirement, their value and how they function. This Annuity Monitor Report focuses on the videos provided on the public sites of 15 firms in our coverage group. Our analysis focuses on the educational information provided in these videos and the extent of firms’ video outreach.

Overall, Annuity Monitor firms excel at providing a strong array of helpful video content that prospects and clients alike can easily discover. In our assessment, 53% of firms score in the A-range, with Allianz Life and Pacific Life both earning the highest grade of an A+ for their thorough archives. The majority of firms use videos to address annuity basics (80%), the benefits of a specific product type (93%) and the benefits of a specific product (73%). To ease findability, videos are best housed in either product pages or a dedicated library. Firms appropriately house and promote their video resources. Uniquely, two firms—MassMutual and MetLife—integrate clickable links within their videos. By giving viewers a next step, clickable links are a great way to foster further engagement with video content.