January 2015: The 2014 Annuity Monitor Awards

This month, we are proud to present our annual Annuity Monitor Awards, detailing the top features and best practices across our coverage group. This year, we reviewed seven distinct categories:

  • Public Homepage and Navigation
  • Public Educational Resources
  • Public Product Information
  • Client Transaction Capabilities
  • Client Account Information
  • Advisor Sales and Prospecting Materials
  • Advisor Annuity Illustration Systems

Each category consists of a distinct set of attributes and criteria; using our proprietary audit software, we award gold, silver and bronze medals to the highest quality offerings.

To review, a Gold Medal is awarded to those firms that offer products, tools or website features that are innovative and extensive, meeting or exceeding all of the criteria we have established in each category. Website offerings that are notable but suffer from a few small drawbacks earn a Silver Medal. Finally, for offerings that are imperfect yet still offer discernible value to users, we award a Bronze Medal.

It is important to note that the Monitor Awards do not follow the Olympic medal system; there can be, for instance, more than one gold or more than one bronze awarded in a single category. This serves to highlight where the industry is succeeding (as well as where it might be failing its clients), while providing all worthy firms due recognition.