June 2015: Annuity Firms’ Facebook Presence

This Annuity Monitor Report takes a close look at Facebook profile strategies employed by the firms in our coverage group. We focus on Facebook content, guidelines, presentation and user engagement. We did not distribute grades for this report, as it simply serves as a catalogue of how firms are positioning themselves on social media.

Specifically, this report focuses on the following criteria:

  • Accessibility and promotion of Facebook pages
  • Posted content
  • Facebook special features (e.g., tools and user interaction)

Currently, 18 of 19 Annuity Monitor firms have Facebook accounts. Each surveyed firm uses Facebook for different purposes. Some use the platform to communicate company news, sponsorships and events, while others use it to provide a variety of educational content. Firms also cover a variety of topics, with current events, retirement planning and financial planning covered by 94%, 78% and 72% of firms, respectively. Only six firms provide content focused on annuities.

In our assessment, 94% of firms use images and videos with their posts, while a slightly fewer 89% employ hashtags. We noticed some firms creating their own original hashtags, and a few using popular hashtags like #TBT. One firm in particular created its own hashtags in both English and Spanish to accompany financial and business advice shared in both languages.

In terms of user engagement, two firms host Q&A sessions with financial experts regularly. Other firms encourage user interaction in alternate ways, such as with engaging and thought-provoking posts. For example, some firms pose questions for users, or ask them to participate in trivia games. User engagement allows firms to better maximize the utility of this platform as well as maintain audience interest and attract new fans.

Additional key findings include:

  • Four firms provide a dedicated Facebook tab for job postings.
  • Two firms promote their other social media properties on their Facebook page.
  • Fourteen firms share information on firm sponsorships and partnerships.