June 2017 – Public Advisor Product Info

While advisors typically need to log in to secure advisor sites for product information, firms increasingly provide additional options for publicly findable advisor content. Between 2014 and 2017, the number of firms offering public information has quadrupled. As the trend continues to grow, firms adopt differing organizational approaches. Therefore, this Annuity Monitor Report considers the full spectrum of offerings including financial professionals’ sections of public corporate sites, public sections of advisor sites and microsites. This report catalogs publicly accessible advisor-focused product details, downloadable resources and tools from eight firms in the Annuity Monitor coverage group.

The amount of information available from firms in this report ranges from broad product overviews to detailed product-specific resources and tools. While 88% of firms describe product features, only 25% of firms in this report list target audiences. The quality of information available also varies widely, with some firms simply duplicating prospect-focused material without acknowledging advisors’ specific needs. At the other end of the spectrum, the most comprehensive sites include detailed advisor-focused product pages with investment details and downloadable sales materials, with 63% of firms providing sales flyers and 38% providing rates sheets. Voya provides an unmatched level of access by offering an illustration tool that does not require login. We expect these variations to continue as firms’ approaches to publishing public product details reflect internal sales perspectives and goals. Although less than half of Annuity Monitor firms currently offer public advisor content, major growth over the past few years indicates that this trend will continue.