October 2015: Advisor Resources Focused on Marketing to Women

The report focuses on sales support materials that educate advisors on women’s needs as well as on annuity-related and relevant retirement educational resources geared toward female clients. A total of seven Annuity Monitor firms were covered in this report. The following criteria are examined:

  • Location of resources
  • Content on the resources
  • Type of materials

All the firms covered in this report offer a range of resources on their advisor sites, including resources that educate advisors on women’s financial and retirement needs. Of the seven firms covered, 43% offer resources in a dedicated area of the advisor site. Ideally, advisors should be able to access both educational materials and sales support materials from a single location on the advisor site.

Most firms offer materials for both client and advisor use. Currently, 57% of the firms offer materials that help advisors learn more about women, including studies and brochures. By offering these materials, firms can ensure advisors stay current on the opportunities and challenges faced by the women’s market. In addition, 86% of firms offer advisors consumer-oriented materials to help foster sales opportunities. Offering advisor-facing client seminar presentations, for example, help firms approach a group of prospects on financial issues and solutions. As women’s wealth in the United States continues to rise, the need for firms to arm advisors with relevant resources to target this group increases.

Additional key findings include:

  • Six firms recommend annuity products as retirement solutions in marketing materials focused on female prospects.
  • One firm offers advisors a client workshop geared toward women along with email invitation templates.
  • All firms offer statistical data relating to women.