October 2016 – Advisor Book of Business Functionalities

The book of business is a pivotal offering at the heart of any annuity advisor site. As the book of business is the key advisor site reference point, advisors must be able to review client information upon login in a comprehensive and easily locatable book of business. This month, Annuity Monitor analyzes the book of business offerings from 14 firms. Our research emphasizes the extent and type of information advisors can glean from the book of business, including how they can search, filter and sort information. We also examine the capabilities afforded by the books of business to obtain additional client details, download reports and conduct transactions.

All 14 Annuity Monitor firms in this report succeed in providing an advisor site book of business that includes the basic details of contract number, product name, account value, annuitant name and owner name. Firms offer client information in organized tables, 84% of which offer filtering options and 92% of which provide a search capability. At all of those firms, advisors can conduct searches by policy number and owner name. It is also imperative that advisors be able to download their book of business for further consultation offline in an Excel or PDF file; 75% of firms provide a download report option. Certain firms stand out for features that enable advisors to conduct a search directly from the homepage, customize their view and access help features like videos explaining the full depth of book of business capabilities.