September 2017 – There’s No Place Like Home: Advisor Site Homepages

As the first pages that visitors see upon login, advisor site homepages set the tone for the advisor site experience and often provide key information and access to all site resources. Unlike product pages or marketing libraries, homepages compile a wide range of materials and information, making clear organization essential. Firms must strike a delicate balance to offer key details and functions, such as time-sensitive notifications, annuity-related resources and access to client information, without overwhelming advisors. This Annuity Monitor Report assesses how well the 15 advisor site homepages in our coverage group balance these demands. We last reviewed this topic in February 2014.

Across the coverage group, firms are inconsistent in their quality of homepage offerings. Many homepages have changed since 2014, with updates ranging from new tiles on AXA’s homepage to Guardian’s and Principal’s complete revamps. In addition, most homepages (87%) now describe recent updates, and 73% promote product pages, rider details or sales literature. Only 47% of homepages offer client-related resources, however, and even fewer (33%) provide responsive design. Athene, AXA and MassMutual all balance client information with product promotion, news and customizable content. Even these leaders, though, could benefit from offering more comprehensive information on their homepages, and thus none earns a perfect grade.