September 2018 – Account Owner Login Process: Online Login and Security Procedures

Annuity account owner sites let account owners view policy information, access statements, make loans or withdrawals and alter allocations. However, due to increasingly frequent security breaches, it is more important than ever that firms ensure their sites are secure so that account owners feel confident in completing tasks online. Firms achieve the most basic account protection by requiring a username and password to access the account but can implement other features to bolster protection. An easily findable and efficient login process ensures account owners can complete tasks independently, decreasing calls to the firm and saving time and money. This report analyzes the login process, including additional security features, offered by the 18 Annuity Monitor firms.

Firms in this report guide prospects from the public site homepage through the login process with varying levels of ease. Four firms let account owners log in from the homepage with just one click, presenting easy access with embedded fields. Most others require just two or three clicks, and only three firms require four clicks, forcing account owners to click through interstitial pages or make account selections prior to entering credentials. Similarly, the level of security firms offer varies, with leaders offering multiple measures. Three firms offer advanced token security methods; however, four firms provide no additional login security features beyond credentials. We revisit this topic for the first time in six years, as all Annuity Monitor coverage group firms have revamped their public sites and implemented more sophisticated security features as technology has advanced, resulting in dramatically different login pages.

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