September 2019 – Advisor Site Homepages

​As the first page visible upon login, homepages can either overwhelm advisors or save them time by streamlining access to key information. In Corporate Insight’s survey of advisors, at least 70% of respondents rated each homepage feature as “very important” or “extremely important,” with 79% of advisors interested in the most popular feature: client information. Effective homepages can serve as a single access point for time-sensitive information—like notifications and event announcements—alongside evergreen resources like search and wholesaler contact options. They must also balance advisors’ needs when servicing existing clients, prospecting potential new clients and maintaining their own businesses. Homepages’ wide range of content makes clear organization essential, with robust design and clear sections helping advisors quickly locate what they need. This Annuity Monitor Report assesses advisor site homepages from the 18 firms in our coverage group, noting changes since we last reviewed this topic in September 2017.

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