April Fund Thought Leadership Insights: Where’s the Beef? Thought Leaders on the Five Year Bull Market’s Future

by on Apr 28, 2014

Fund Thought Leadership Insights is a monthly blog serieswsd-outdoor-bull highlighting the best commentaries and expert analysis pieces released by leading asset management firms. For a full archive of past articles, click here

With the stock market’s bull market reaching the five year mark, many asset managers have turned their attention to discussions of the market’s future. Here, we highlight April’s top five bull market-focused thought leadership pieces:




#1 Lord Abbett: Stocks: “Aging Bull” Could Still Pack a Punch
Lord Abbett’s Milton Ezrati weighs in on the bull market, opining that corporate earnings are likely to continue growing and disputing the idea that profits have been obtained simply by short-term cost cutting measures. He notes that increases in productivity caused by new technologies are enabling profits to grow quickly.



#2 Hartford Funds: Market Takeaways from Hartford Funds: Bull Market Turns Five – A Cause for Concern?
Harford weighs in on the vitality of the five year bull market, noting that investors would be wise to consider long term results rather than focus on the life-span of the current bull market. The firm notes that in the past 60 years, 15-, 20- and 30-year periods have always provided positive returns (as measured by the S&P 500 Index).



Federated-Secular_Bull_Update-Spring_Thaw_Could_Become_a_Melt-Up#3 Federated: Secular Bull Update: Spring Thaw Could Become a Melt-Up
Federated’s Stephen Auth turns his eye to the bull market, noting that despite the crisis in Ukraine and softening growth figures in China, equity markets moved up through the first quarter. He explains that consumers in the U.S. have pent up demand that has been put on hold through the lean years and long winter, which could push earnings higher as the year progresses.



Eaton_Vance-The_Bull_Turns_Five,_Now_What#4 Eaton Vance: The Bull Turns Five, Now What?
Eaton Vance’s Thomas Faust provides a recap of events in the first quarter and offers advice on what to focus on as the year progresses. The article includes eight things that investors should remain focused on when considering the future progress of the bull market, including valuations and corporate earnings.




Oppenheimer_-_The_Bull_Market_Isnt_Over_Its_Changing#5 Oppenheimer: The Bull Market Isn’t Over, It’s Changing
Oppenheimer’s Dr. Jerry Webman discusses opportunities for equity investors as the nature of the recovery continues to evolve. He recommends that investors focus on three types of companies: “organic revenue generators,” “efficiency vendors” and “innovators.”