Whitepaper: Are Retirement Plan Providers Connecting with Young Participants?

by on May 08, 2014

Corporate Insight recently polled 990 retirement plan participants to collect data on their online preferences, behavior, use of the mobile channel, levels of satisfaction and numerous demographic factors. The complete results of this survey were published in Corporate Insight’s DC Plan Participant Survey Report.

In this whitepaper, we share a small portion of the survey data we collected from respondents under the age of 40 to gauge how effectively leading retirement plan providers are connecting with young participants. These individuals tend to be avid smartphone users, yet few had a clear understanding of their plan provider’s mobile offerings. If providers want to better connect with younger participants, they need to do a much better job communicating their mobile capabilities to this audience.
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The whitepaper highlights:

  • Young plan participants’ mobile usage behavior
  • Gaps in engagement between young participants and their plan providers
  • High level look at the overall satisfaction of these young participants

Complimentary DC Plan Participant Survey Report Preview
As an added bonus, those that download the whitepaper will also receive a copy of the DC Plan Participant Survey Report Preview featuring seven pages of excerpts.
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