Are We There Yet: Mobile Progress Meters

by on Mar 05, 2019

The ability to track progress through visual feedback should be a part of all digital journeys. Speed and efficiency strengthen the quality of web and mobile interfaces. Exceptional app interfaces provide progress meters to inform users how close they are to completing a task.

In a recent report, Corporate Insight evaluated the mobile card payment journey for the nine firms in the Small Business Card Monitor coverage group, only to discover progress meters are heavily underutilized by firms. The absence of a progress meter increases the user’s uncertainty about the mobile card payment journeys, creating hesitance throughout the process. Of the eight firms in the coverage group to provide mobile payments, only one firm—Discover—offers a progress meter.

Discover’s progress meter is equipped with four steps: Amount, Source/Date, Verify and Confirmation. Breaking down the multi-step process makes it intuitive and helps users avoid frustration. After reviewing the sequence within the Discover interface, users will know which step they are currently on and how many steps remain.  Discover Card Payment Progress Meter

Other firms tend to include verification and confirmation screens instead, though these solutions create a user experience that lacks the full transparency of a progress meter. Bank of America is the only firm without a verification screen, resulting in an inadequate process as card holders are unable to review card payments, preventing them from ensuring they have entered information correctly.

For any digital journey that takes time, it is important that web designers reduce uncertainty and inform users through the use of progress meters. Using the visual resources such as progress meters creates transparency and facilitates a more user-friendly experience.