Around the Brokerage Industry: Stifel Nicolaus

by on Apr 21, 2014

CI’s Around the Brokerage Industry series reviews public websites and digital resources offered by leadingbrokerages and investment firms that fall outside of our E-Monitor and Broker Monitor coverage groups. 

StifelStifel Nicolaus is an investment banking and full-service brokerage firm that provides financial solutions and services for its individual, institutional, corporate and municipal clients. The firm was founded in 1890 and currently maintains its corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The firm provides detailed information about the types of services and clients it serves on its public Individual Investors and Investment Advisory Services sections. Both sections provide links to services and products that are explained in great detail in their respective pages.

Homepage & Navigation
The firm’s website provides a compact homepage that features a rotating image display and tile-like sections. The rotating image display currently features Stifel company news and the tile-like images link to the Individuals, Institutions and Financial Advisors pages. In addition, the Stifel Nicolaus website includes a main menu that is divided into seven topics: Investor Relations, Individuals, Institutions, Research, Asset Management, Careers and Contact Us. Additionally, the firm’s website displays static quicklinks at the bottom that link to various public site pages. Finally, the website includes a Twitter and LinkedIn icon at the bottom right portion of the homepage that links to the company’s respective social media pages.

Stifel Nicolaus Public Site Homepage
Individual Investors
The Individual Investors section includes a right-side menu that displays all financial products and services that Stifel offers to its clients. Products and services provided by Stifel include different types of investment securities, investment vehicles, financial planning services and much more. Each of the products and services link to dedicated pages that are generally helpful, however, navigation is sometimes confusing. One example is how the contents of the side menus are displayed differently on each page.

Public Site Individual Investors Section
Investment Advisory Services
Stifel Nicolaus offers nine different advisory programs that allow clients to work with and receive financial advice from a Stifel Financial Advisor. Each of the advisory programs are unique in that they have different financial goals and require different financial expertise from a Stifel Financial Advisor. In addition, each advisory program has its own dedicated page that describes in detail the services it provides. All advisory services can be accessed through the Investment Advisory Services section.


Public Site Investment Advisory Services Section
Concluding Thoughts
Stifel Nicolaus provides content that is described in great detail, is organized well on the page and is easily accessible. The firm does a satisfactory job of providing content without it appearing cluttered, and provides relevant titles to pages and sections. Additionally, the firm does a good job of providing a simple homepage that offers links to pages throughout its public site. The firm does, however, have room for improvement with regards to navigation, design and functionality of its side-menus.

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