Around the Industry: American Express Business Credit Cards

by on Jul 27, 2016

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American Express has been a part of the Small Business Card Monitor coverage group since the monitor began in 2010. The firm, widely known for its presence in the business community, offers the most diverse set of cards in the small business credit space in addition to OPEN, a comprehensive small business card community. With 11 different options for customers, American Express covers both credit and charge cards and co-branded rewards cards. Further, the firm complements its broad offerings with a sleek and efficient private site that rounds out a site already excelling in its business-centric approach.

OPEN card membership gives clients access to cards with high buying power, enabling owners to make large purchases due to the pre-set no spending limit. Members can opt to apply for cards with membership rewards points, cash back or partner rewards through preferred programs and can also access customer service at any time. Via the mobile app, OPEN members have access to Receiptmatch, allowing them to snap receipt photos and match the photos to transactions online. In addition to the benefits associated with cards in the OPEN network, American Express helps businesses connect with customers through Small Business Saturday events in local communities.

Small Business Saturday Shop Small Page
Small Business Saturday Shop Small Page

American Express stands out in the small business card industry for its cards alone, but with the addition of OPEN membership benefits, the firm offers clients a quality business-centric experience. Considering the general lack of offerings in the coverage group, American Express’ number of products sets it apart. While other firms stand out for a customizable private site experience or a stellar business resource center, American Express meets all of these expectations and challenges other firms to strengthen their small business experience overall.