Around the Industry: Delaware Investments

by on Oct 10, 2013

CI’s Around the Industry series reviews public websites and digital resources offered by leading financial services firms that fall outside of our Monitor Services coverage groups. To access the full archive of Around the Industry reviews, click here.

Delaware Investments LogoDelaware Investments was founded in 1929 and acquired by Australia’s Macquarie Group in 2010. Currently, the firm manages $179 billion and employs 137 investment professionals. Though the firm also offers sites for financial advisors, institutional and closed-end investors, this review will focus on its Individual Investor website. Our favorite aspect of the firm’s public site is its responsive design, a rare feature across financial services but more prevalent amongst asset management firms. Royce Funds’ new site offers a leading example of responsive design, but Delaware Investments does a good job in its own right, offering four possible layouts that adapt to different browser sizes.

Delaware’s Individual Investor site homepage features a number of elements typical to many firms. The site includes a scrolling banner image that promotes new commentaries and different investment products. The homepage body is divided into different columns (depending on the responsive layout) that highlight new press releases and commentaries, and provide links to account access. These are fairly standard homepage features, but they are well-executed by the firm.


Two Possible Homepage Layouts (Truncated) 1 Two Possible Homepage Layouts (Truncated) 2
Two Possible Homepage Layouts (Truncated)
Fund Profiles
Delaware Investments fund profiles are visually distinct and informative, divided into six tabs: Overview, Performance, Portfolio, Management, Fees and Expenses and Commentary. Regardless of the current tab selected, a right-side column summarizes the fund’s vital details on all pages. These include its Morningstar Rating, Lipper Rankings and pricing information, as well as a drop-down menu for navigating to other funds. However, Delaware’s fund profiles do not include performance charts or graphics, such as the hypothetical growth illustration that so many other firms offer.

Fund Profiles (Truncated Below)
Fund Profiles (Truncated Below)
Responsive Design
As mentioned above, Delaware’s site offers four different page layouts depending on the size of the user’s browser. Desktop browsers will naturally accommodate the largest layouts, and tablet screens (we used an iPad 2) will display the second smallest and second largest formats. The very smallest option is reserved for mobile phone screens, and in this case Delaware’s site leaves something to be desired here. The small responsive layout relies very heavily on text and features few images and generally looks old-fashioned. This contrasts with other firms’ responsive layouts particularly that of Royce Funds, which retains the site’s overall look and design even on the smallest displays. Aside from this shortcoming, the site’s responsive qualities are excellent.

Mobile Phone Layout
Mobile Phone Layout
Closing Thoughts
Delaware Investments does a lot of things right with its Investor website, such as its ease of navigation, visual design and quality of information. However, there are certain things the firm could do to enhance the site even more, such as adding performance graphics to its fund profiles and improving the quality of its smallest responsive display. Overall, Delaware’s site is a strong online asset management platform that reinforces the importance and value of responsive design.