Around the Industry: Thornburg Investment Management

by on Jul 24, 2013

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Thornburg Logo
With around 240 employees and a small family of 16 funds, New Mexico-based Thornburg Investment Management marshals a hearty $87 billion in assets. Below, we review Thornburg’s public investor site.

When considered in the broader context of the asset management industry, Thornburg’s public homepage does not make the best first impression. In terms of design, complexity and overall polish, it lags behind industry leaders. The homepage does contain some worthwhile information. A large promotion image is posted in the center of the page highlighting the firm’s Lipper awards and users can directly access key site content and view daily prices for the firm’s funds from the left-side menu.

Thornburg Investment Management Homepage
Thornburg Investment Management Homepage
Fund Profiles
In contrast to the homepage, Thornburg’s fund profiles are much more modern and engaging, featuring many elements common to the best asset management sites in the Mutual Fund Monitor coverage group. The profiles are spread across five tabs: Overview, Performance and Expenses, Attributes and Holdings, Management and More Info, which includes materials like financial reports or tax information. The Performance and Expenses tab includes a hypothetical growth of $10,000 chart – an essential feature among the best asset management sites – in addition to the standard annualized return table. The Attributes and Holdings tab features plenty of pie charts illustrating asset and sector allocation, and, for internationally-focused funds, a world map labeled by equity holdings percentages.

Thornburg Fund Profiles Attributes and Holdings
Thornburg Fund Profiles: Attributes and Holdings
Thornburg Fund Profiles Performance and Expenses
Thornburg Fund Profiles: Performance and Expenses
Thornburg houses its commentaries in the site’s Research tab, which offers fund-specific insights from Thornburg managers as well as more general market commentaries in the Thornburg Articles section. The commentaries themselves are very well put together and reflect the same color scheme and visual themes of the main website, which, as is the case with other firms, presents a more unified sense of brand identity.

Thornburg Articles
Thornburg Articles
Closing Thoughts
Thornburg provides users with a serviceable public website. The homepage is a weak point, lacking in visual design and usability; however, the site content makes up for the homepage and is ultimately more important. The firm’s fund profiles deliver a clear and detailed overview of the Thornburg product line and the commentaries also add value. Overall, Thornburg’s website offers enough quality content to satisfy investor’s needs without providing any distinctly notable online features or resources.